Scuba Diving - Introduction Class July 23rd 2017

Have interest in Scuba Diving but don't know where to start?
Come join us for a 2 hr session where our Instructor will walk you through the basics of Scuba Diving plus a Underwater Experience with Full Gear rental provided.

What you will learn?
  1. Scuba Equipment Introduction
  2. Equipment Fitting & Selection
  3. Equipment Set up
  4. Basic Underwater Hand Signals
  5. Basic Snorkel
  6. Use of Equipment Underwater
  7. Finning
  8. Proper Ascend and Descend skills
  9. Mask Clearing
  10. Swim a few rounds underwater with full gear
Time: 10am to 12noon
Venue: Queenstown Swimming Pool

Why us?
  1. Non commercialized approached to sharing the passion Scuba Diving
  2. Small Group Learning (Instructor to Student Ratio 1:4)
  3. Offers longer and more detailed session of Scuba Introduction Class
  4. Learn Scuba in unique 4.5 metres deep pool. Able to experience the minimum depth of a Open Ocean Environment and the need to equalize (Clear Blocked Ears!)
  5. SGD50 of the Scuba Introduction Class Fees will be deducted from Open Water Diver Course should you should to sign up :) No Obligation!
What to bring?
  1. Swim Wear
  2. Amenities for shower plus towel and change of clothes
  3. An Open Mind! :) Ready to have some fun!

Important Notes:-

1. Usual Rates for Scuba Introduction is SDG128 per pax.

2. Class may be rescheduled in the event of bad weather, at the discretion of the organizer.

3. This is a Scuba Tryout that allows you to try out how it is like to be fitted with full gear to breathe underwater and the feel the pressure as you descend deeper into the pool

4. There is a high possibility you will be joined by others in the class. However, ratio is kept to 1:4 at all times.

5. Can i join if i am afraid of Water? YES! Instructor is specialised with Students with AQUAPHOBIA.

6. Photography / Videography (if any) taken during the class will be granted use for teaching and promotional activities and is deemed as consent once you sign up.

Have further questions? Please Contact 96577362 (Whatsapp / SMS / Call)

We love to hear from you!

Sun Jul 23, 2017
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM SGT
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Queenstown Swimming Complex
Standard, July 23rd, 930am - 1 Pax SOLD OUT $98.00
Standard, July 23rd, 930am - 2 pax SOLD OUT $190.00
Standard, July 23rd, 930am - 3 pax SOLD OUT $285.00
Standard, July 23rd, 930am - 4 pax SOLD OUT $380.00
Venue Address
473 Stirling Road, Singapore 148948 Singapore
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